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by teo iliopoulos

Personal Chef

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Born in 1978 on a farm in the southern region of Greece.

This son of market-gardeners was raised to respect working with the soil and its natural produce.

This was where he developed his tastes at a very early age and quickly learnt to appreciate these ingredients, to preserve and of course, cook with them.

It was his early childhood and major influence from his father, that established the path which would lead him down the road to culinary success.


Far removed for the cliche of the all-powerful chef, Teo manages his team rather like a sports coach who focuses, precisely, on teamwork.

He has no time for egos preferring to base his approach on mutual trust and human relationships, encouraging each person to develop his own potential.

Has gone from strength since coming to Mykonos from Athens, when he was just 17.

Armed with his experience in top level restaurant and banqueting management in top restaurant both in Athens and Mykonos his talent was rewarded over and over again.

Known not only for his unique bohemian style, Teo Iliopoulos has created innovative cooking concepts reflecting Mediterranean influences.


Thank you sooo much! Amazing food, amazing chef!

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