Bohemian Beach Lunch at Rhenia

Lifestyle Cooking.
Innovative cooking concepts reflecting Mediterranean influences.

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Whats on the menu?

• Cycladic with dado (Greek rusk), cherry tomatoes, cucumber, fresh basil, xinotyro (Myconian sour cheese), caper leaves and olive oil.
• Tarama (fish roe) - white and black (made with cuttlefish ink).
• Fresh tomato from the chef’s personal garden with organic olive oil - salt oregano

• Sea urchins (fresh out of the sea).
• Mussels - cooked with white wine
• Gyalisteres (clams) - grilled with herbs, ginger, fresh lemon juice and fresh olive oil
• Sea bass carpaccio with olive oil, lime juice and pink pepper
• Shrimps - grilled with olive oil, lemon juice and fresh ginger

Main Courses
• Fresh fish on the grill with lemon sauce
• Or Lobsters on the grill with soya sauce, lime and spice herbs

• Fresh fruits of the season


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Sea urchins

Fresh out of the sea!

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Cooked with white wine.

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