The Sea Inspires Me

Teo's Concept


Teo Iliopoulos was born in 1978 in the Peloponnese and from an early age became accustomed to a way of life that involved working the earth with respect in order to receive the purest produce.

Following on his father’s footsteps, he learnt how to work with patience and reverence and believe in the value of pure ingredients.
At 17, while on holiday, he found his way to Mykonos where he discovered his love for the sea and his need to devise a plan that would allow him to live as close to it as possible.

Teo spent most of his time in the company of the local fishermen who were fascinated by his desire to learn anything that had to do with the sea and therefore taught him as if he was one of their kind.

Learning the ropes he begun to experiment, combining traditional recipes with imaginative concepts and creating his own Lifestyle Cooking, managing to merge the old with the new with emphasis to quality and innovation, slowly shaping what was to become his philosophy regarding the importance of food in life.

His professional career was the result of the fact that a lot of people recognized and appreciated his passion, giving him the opportunity to work in many restaurants next to acknowledged chefs always managing to bring a breath of freshness by taking the simple elements of Greek cuisine to another level.

Teo’s experience, his love for cooking and his willingness to share the joy he gets out of it with as many people as possible, has led him to launch Lifestyle Cooking, an innovative service aiming to offer a unique trip around Mykonos savoring the culinary delights of the island in a different way.

Join him in an extraordinary ride. Taste. Indulge.